Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

It was normal!! The AFP, quad screen whatever you want to call it was normal!! This one’s score is 1.8. Keith was 2.5. Anything between 1-2 is considered normal. So after a sleepless night, numerous headaches this week, I can relax…sort of. I mean I’ll never relax until I’m holding this little one in my arms which I have kept newborn free since Keithy passed on. This test was the only test that was ever abnormal with Keith, so it is the only thing I can go by that this pregnancy may be smooth going, which my doctor told she’s being positive about. I still have numerous worries and fears. But for pregnancy wise, I am officially announcing it. I’m having a baby world!! It’s due on June 29th and we (Steve, I and TEK) couldn’t be more excited. From the words of my five year old daughter now, “I just hope we get to keep this one”.


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