Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009

Well school started and you can tell it is keeping me busy. This is definitely me. Back to a month of summary. Steve and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. We did a marriage rope course activity with other couples through the USU extension. I can honestly say I love my husband much more now than when we first got married. He is my every other heart beat.
I’m finally getting in a routine of taking Eric to school first, then Trevor to his school, followed by Miss Kayla going to a neighbors house or on Monday and Fridays, she stays with me in the AM until PM Kindergarten starts. All the kids are loving school. Soccer starts on Saturday and we have TEK in games. So my Saturdays are now shot driving to and from games. Yuck.
Now for a short summary of my kids:
Kayla loves Kindergarten and her teacher. She asks us to read chapter books to her at night now that she is in Kindergarten. Otherwise she reads to us, which she is learning on her own pretty good. She is my social girl and loves (and then hates) the neighbor girl. Loves playing princesses and wants me to take her back to lunch with Ariel at Disneyland. Drama, yes. Loves to dress up , yes. Nurturer, yes. And her newest adventure…soccer!
Eric loves recess. He’s been wearing shorts to school since it is so hot and his knees are all skinned up. On the bright side, no holey pants. He is quite the pianist. He has his Dad’s ear for rhythm. He struggles with reading and we’re working twice as hard trying to help him. Always has a Bak U gan thing, Pokemon, or Yu Gi Oh something close by.
Trevor is enjoying his PALS (Accelerated learner) 5th grade class, although we were a little concerned at first when he received 11 worksheets to complete in one night. He is excited to start soccer and see his ‘neighborhood’ friends again. He is our bookworm-finished two last night. He’s loving Cub Scouts. Trying to discover ‘Indian clay’ at the school playground during recess. He enjoys having wars with his army men. Funny, my old piano teacher is his 5th grade teacher. Small world.
Keith and Angel, well they keep their Mom on the right path to return to heaven. Without them, who knows what I’d be doing or smoking right now. They make me want to become more Christ like and full of compassion and service to others. Isn’t that why we are here? One day we’ll have a good reunion! Until then, their memory will have to do.

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