Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Aug 29, 2008
We’re heading to Island Park for a family reunion wish I could strap you in your car seat and come along with us. I have found much peace in taking Keith on these trips. Literally I sleep with his blanket and just he and I go to all of the beautiful places in the world in my dreams. It is our time and I picture Keith as a toddler. I spoke to a friend today about options of adoption. Keith was my last baby I held, and I don’t want to hold another baby, and I’m wondering (praying) if the Lord has in mind another child that is to come to our family through adoption. I think back to this saying that I got from a Mother who had a stillborn: The road I am on is my son’s gift to me. The least I can do as his Mother is to continue on this journey and see where it takes me. It is just one of many options Steve and I are looking (ok me more than Steve). Hey, congrats, I survived the first miserable week of school!!!!

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